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    Meldpunt Rokersdiscriminatie:

    Slachtoffers rookverbod New York
    The Evidence archive What you think you know about tobacco may surprise you

    Zyban Dossier

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    Statistieken NL
    • Nederlandse productie van sigaretten (2004): 115,2 miljard stuks
    • Werkgelegenheid tabaksindustrie: 25.000 personen
    • Waarde binnenlandse tabaksverkoop: 3,87 miljard euro
    • Waarde Nederlandse tabaksexport: 2,87 miljard euro
    • Belastinginkomen (2008): 2,4 miljard euro
    • Aandeel in totale belastinginkomsten rijk: 2 procent


    of via een


    Meeroken: WHO versus SMINTAIR
    Posted on Tuesday 14 November 2006 @ 21:45:51 GMT+1 by webmaster


    Zowel de discussie over het rookverbod als het verschijnen van een heuse Smoker's International Airlines (SMINTAIR) brengen in Duitsland de gemoederen hevig in beweging. In een van de meest aan tabak gehechte landen van Europa haalt roken elke dag wel het nieuws.

    Zo wordt ook de oprichter van SMINTAIR vaak uitgenodigd om zijn commentaar te geven op de initiatieven van anti-rokersorganisaties om ook Duitsland onder het anti-rokenregime te brengen. En deze man windt er geen doekjes om: hij stelt botweg dat er volop misleiding wordt gebruikt als het om het gevaar van meeroken gaat.

    Eťn van zijn interviews op TV schoot de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie (WHO) in het verkeerde keelgat en dat leverde SMINTAIR een boze e-mail van de WHO op. Niet op zijn mondje gevallen, schreef hij een felle mail terug. Op een reactie van de WHO zit hij nog steeds te wachten:

    "Since my last email, I have heard NOTHING from the WHO. If I will, I will sue them and drag the whole case out in the open, supported by all of my many media contacts, all-over the World. This is NO joke."

    Dear Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I really didn't want to publish this, but the combined action taken by governments, the WHO and the poor old Antis prompted me to take this final (for them) step forward. You'll find how they bluntly lie and how they try to re-inforce these lies by applying pressure on third parties, in this case, the media.

    I have received the first email, incl. the following letter, from my office at 21:13h on October 12th, 2006 and my last email went out at 09:28h on October 13th, 2006.

    I have been talking to my lawyers, whether I can legally publish the complete correspondence. Their answer was, that this is definitely of major public interest and that nobody has asked me to keep the correspondence confidential. So, here it is.

    First, download this file:
    It is the letter by the WHO to SMINTAIR.
    I am sorry for the bad quality, but I received a scanned copy as an attachment to an email.

    When you've read the letter, please continue here:
    This is my email to them, following the letter:

    E-mail 1Dear Mrs. Porri,

    we are currently looking into the matter.
    I am sure that I will quickly find the report by the WHO, which quotes "no statistical relevance" in increased lung cancer risk in connection with SHS and that children raised in smoker's households are 20% less likely to contract to lung cancer.

    Upon finding this report, we will certainly email this to you and Mrs. Christiansen, whom we do advise to refrain your plea until my next email.

    There is no such thing as diseases caused by second hand smoke. You know it and we know it.
    I have attached factual proof of the above in form of the EnstrŲm and Kabat study and the latest report on the subject by the Scientific Department of the German Parliament, which Mrs. Christiansen will find highly interesting.

    You may be able to bully and deceive people in the UK and the US, but you'll soon see, that Germany is a completely different turf.
    Upon finding the WHO study in question, we will ask Mrs. Christiansen to report on our correspondence as well as it's outcome.

    With kind regards,
    Alexander W. Schoppmann

    As an answer, I have received this:

    E-mail 2I shall be out of the office on Thursday afternoon and Friday, 13 October inclusive. In case of any urgent matters, please contact Ms Soazick Martinet ([email protected]/022 791 2892).
    Thank you.

    Alison Porri
    Office of the Legal Counsel

    I have not contacted Ms. Soazick Martinet, instead, I found the report in question you may want to download here
    and attached it to the following email:

    E-mail 3Dear Mrs. Porri,

    please find the WHO study in question attached.
    This study clears "no statistical value" as to SHS causing lung cancer. As we all know, the Nį1 cause for lung cancer is Diesel exhaust.

    Matter of fact, your study, the EnstrŲm & Kabat study and all others are not needed, if common sense is applied.
    There is virtually nobody in this World, who has not spent hours, days, months or years in the company of smokers. If SHS would cause lung cancer, this disease must be top ranking throughout the World, and we must all be dead, having died from this very sickness. Well, as you know and the informed public know, it isn't so, quite to the contrary as well! Lung cancer is found in only 2% of the World's population, in the US, quite astoundingly, it is 3%. As the US still hasn't signed the Kiyoto Agreement, it is more than obvious as to how this 50% increase versus the World's population comes about.

    I would strongly suggest the WHO not wasting anymore funds in "fighting windmills" and giving contradictory statements as far as SHS is concerned, moreover, it should concentrate on sound issues like Diesel driven vehicles.

    Any further reply from you on the SHS subject, I regard as an insult to my intelligence.

    With kind regards,
    Alexander W. Schoppmann

    The receipt of all emails was electronically acknowledged. The talk show host, Sabine Christiansen, was copied into the whole correspondence.
    Since my last email, I have heard NOTHING from the WHO. If I will, I will sue them and drag the whole case out in the open, supported by all of my many media contacts, all-over the World. This is NO joke.

    Discussie met Alexander Shoppman (SMINTAIR)




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